What Does Infant/Toddler Montessori Look Like?

We invite you to learn more about the Montessori Method and about our infant/toddler classes by browsing through the sections below.

What is Infant/Toddler?

  • In Montessori, infant/toddler consists of ages birth to three (3) years.
  • The children in these different age groups spend time apart from each other as well as periods of time with each other.
  • The infant/toddler class helps children grow through the sensitive period.
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Infant/Toddler Program
Sensitive Period

Something to Ponder from the Words of Maria Montessori

“If, for example, an adult sees a child carrying a glass of water, he begins to fear that the glass may be broken, and when he feels this way, his greed makes him regard the glass a treasure, and he takes it from the child. The adult who does this may even be very wealthy and the intent upon increasing his fortunes many times over in order to make his son still more wealthy than himself. But for the moment, he esteems a glass as something of greater value than his child’s activity and seeks to prevent its being broken. He thinks within himself, “Why does this child have to set a glass down in this way when I do it in another? Can’t I arrange things as I please?” Yet this same adult would gladly make any sacrifice for his child. He dreams of the child’s success. He would like to see him become a famous and powerful man. But at this moment, he is swayed by an authoritarian, tyrannical impulse that wastes his energies protecting a worthless object. In fact, if a servant were to handle the glass in the same way as the child, the father would simply smile; and if a guest were to break the glass he would immediately be reassured that the glass was worthless and the accident of no account. A child, therefore, must notice with a continue sense of frustration that he is the only one thought to be unreliable and a source of harm. He thus comes to look upon himself as an inferior being, worth less than the objects he is forbidden to touch.”

- Maria Montessori, The Secret of Childhood, pg. 167-8