Why Choose Us?

You may call us The Place for Learning, or Liberty Montessori. But regardless, if you are looking for excellence in childcare and early childhood education, we are the place to be!

We Believe

At Liberty Montessori: The Place for Learning, we are serious about nurturing education, and we believe that every child deserves a safe and loving environment in which they can thrive and learn. We also believe:

  • Trust is of vital importance to any relationship.
  • Childcare must be responsive to each unique child.
  • Routine care and education are essential.
  • Childcare should be affordable but not at the expense of excellence or service.

What Families Are Saying...

Thank you for your heart and dedication in teaching Zerene. We truly appreciate all your efforts. We are very blessed to be part of The Liberty Montessori family. Everyday we witness how Zerene has bloomed into her own self. Thank you for inspiring her and us!
Mark and Jennifer Ong

Thank you for the exceptional care and guidance you have given Daniel the past year. We will miss you all and hope that Daniel can return in the near future.
Yvonne, Ariel, and Daniel 

To the amazing staff at The Place for Learning: Thank you for your love and support towards Ayan. Ayan has grown leaps and bounds since he started, and a lot of the credit goes to all the staff members. You greeted him every morning with a kind word and smile, provided a fun and safe play environment, and diligently prepared him for home every single day. He is going to sorely miss all of you...Thank you for having Ayan and loving him.
Ayan Mirza’s mom, Ellan

To the teachers and staff at The Place for Learning: Thank you so much for being a huge part of Pranav’s development. Everyone made her last day extremely memorable. We love the book everyone created for her. She took the book to school for show and tell. We are going to frame the poster with all the kids’ hand prints. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.
The Johnsons

I was impressed and relieved that no one in our family contracted flu this winter with how widespread an outbreak we had in the area. We are especially thankful for this having had the new baby at home, and even though we all received our flu shots, you just can never be sure that will ultimately prevent contracting the illness. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep the school clean and the germs out! It paid off for us this winter. 
Joanna Salvatore