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From the Director's Desk

Dear Parents and Friends,

During the week of April 5, we closed most of the center due to the possibility that one of our team members had contracted COVID-19. A medical professional, in an abundance of caution, advised that individual to wait for the results of a PCR test.

Rather than close the entire center and understanding that our families depend on the services we offer, we decided to keep one classroom open because there was little to no possibility that infant children attending Dragonflies had exposure to the potentially infected staff person.

Using a similar overabundance of caution, staff who had come into contact with Ladybug classroom, as well as children transitioning into Ladybugs (that is enrolled in Dragonflies but because of developmental needs the child traveling between both rooms), were also prohibited from coming to the center last week. The medical guidance we receive makes clear that children can carry COVID-19, and therefore, it seemed very prudent to minimize potential exposure. 

We understand these are trying times, and these types of closures are inconvenient, but state and local ordinances require us to follow clear guidelines concerning COVID-19. We understand that vaccines are now being mass distributed. We hope that all parents and staff take advantage.

In partnership,